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645 - Tahkuna tuletorn

645 - Tahkuna tuletorn
Region: Hiiu- ja Läänemaa     Light ordinates: 59.0914 N, 22.586183 E
Light running: night     Light characteristics: LFl W 15s
Light height from ground: 43m     Light height from sea: 43m
Light visibility: 12M     Built, y: 1875

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Aerial photo of the Tahkuna lighthouse ca 1930. Estonian State Archive. 


 Tahkuna lighthouse ca 1910. Jaan Vali ́s collections.

 Situation plan of the Tahkuna lighthouse from 1911. Estonian State Archive. 



Dwelling of the Tahkuna lighthouse ca 1980. Jaan Vali’s collections. 

The Tahkuna lighthouse. Jaan Vali, 1997. 


The construction of the Tahkuna lighthouse started in 1873. The unusual chequered appearance comes from the cast-iron plate construction of the lighthouse, designed by a British engineer Alexander Gordon. The prefabri- cated parts of the lighthouse were manufactured in France and assembled on site at Tahkuna. Completed in 1875, the 42,6m high lighthouse became the tallest cast-iron building in Estonia. The solid construction has endured the harsh climate and many war damages. Today, the elegant white lighthouse and its surviving outbuildings are listed as architectural monuments. 


Project of a signal building in Tahkuna from 1912. Estonian State Archive. 

The Tahkuna lighthouse ca 1930. Jaan Vali’s collections. 


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