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668 - Kõpu tuletorn

668 - Kõpu tuletorn
Region: Hiiu- ja Läänemaa     Light ordinates: 58.915967 N, 22.199683 E
Light running: night     Light characteristics: Fl W 10s
Light height from ground: 36m     Light height from sea: 102m
Light visibility: 26M     Built, y: 1649

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Kõpu peninsula on the 1757navigation map.


Kõpu lighthouse ca 1930. Jaan Vali’s collections. 

Kõpu lighthouse on the 1814 navigation map.

The coastal profiles of Kõpu peninsula in pilot charts of 1558, 1627and 1927.



Kõpu lighthouse ca 1910. University of Tartu Cabinet of Art History collections.

 Plans of the Kõpu light station privy in 1912. Estonian State Archive.

 Site plan of the Kõpu lighthouse ensemble 1912. Estonian State Archive.

Kõpu lighthouse in 1960s. Lembit Sepp’s collections.


Kõpu lighthouse with a medieval structure is unique in Northern Europe and survives in spite of wars and natural calamities. Located on the Kõpu peninsula on the island of Hiiumaa, Kõpu lighthouse was the first lighthouse to be erected on the coasts of Estonia. Initially built as a limestone daymark in 1531, a wooden external staircase was added in 1649 during its conversion into a lighthouse. Kõpu lighthouse was managed by the local estate owners from 1659 to 1805, after which it was taken over by the Russian administration and a series of reconstructions were carried out in the middle of the 19th century. In the southern counterfort, a vertical passage was hacked through the masonry and a stone staircase was built. A new light ejection and optical device, manufactured in France and purchased at the Paris World Exhibition in 1900, were installed in the lighthouse in 1902.

The lantern room with the optical system was destroyed in World War II but the stone walls survived and the tower was soon restored. Due to progressing deterioration, several repair works and restorations were carried out during the 1970–80s. The massive tower was eventually covered with reinforced concrete to avoid further damage.

Kõpu lighthouse has mainly retained its appearance from 1845. It is currently regarded to be the oldest continuously functioning navigation aid in the world and also the oldest surviving lighthouse on the coasts of the Baltic Sea. The whole lighthouse ensemble is listed as an architectural monument. 


 Kõpu lighthouse keeper’s house ca 1980. L. Sepp’s collections. 

Kõpu tuletorni saun u 1980. L. Sepa kogu. Kõpu lighthouse sauna ca 1980. L. Sepp’s collections. 


 The generator buildings of Kõpu light- house ensemble ca 1980. L. Sepp’s collections. 


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