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040 - Letipea tuletorn

040 - Letipea tuletorn
Region: Põhja-Eesti     Light ordinates: 59.552558 N, 26.606339 E
Light running: night     Light characteristics: Fl(4) W 18 s;
Light height from ground: 14.8m     Light height from sea: 18.8m
Light visibility: 7M     Built, y: 1936, 1930

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The lighthouse is near Kund, on the cape Letipea, shines the outstanding northern coast of the peninsula Letipea and helps to be guided in the sea. The first wooden lighthouse witch was 40 foots height over the sea was constructed by the merchant Sherbin. The sign helped on the forest road from Narva to Tallinn, doing narrow maritime routes at the island Uhtju and the cape Letipea safe. The lighthouse existed only 2 years, 1815-1816. Later this lamp and equipment was on the Roger lighthouse located in the Gulf of Finland. In 1930 on the cape Letipea the life-saving station was constructed. From the harbor, vessels went out in both directions. In 1936 on the cape was constructed the lighthouse from reinforced concrete, which was 16 m in height and 2 meters in the diameter.

It was equipped with automatic lamps: white 50°–58°, green 58°–105°, white 105°–153°, red 153°–163°, green 163°–171,5° and white 171,5° to the beach. At the height of 17 meters above sea light was visible at distance of 12 miles, characteristic: Fl(3) W/R/G 12 s; (0,3 + 1,2) x 2 + 0,3 + 8,7 = 12 s. Color light sectors signals warned the island Uhtju and the islands being in a coastal sea zone.. The lighthouse was destroyed in 1941 during World War II. In 1945 automatic acetylene lamps on a beacon which was near an old cordon at the height of 10 m over the sea were temporarily established, from where it was visible at distance in 12 miles, light character: Iso W/R/G 4 s; 2 + 2 = 4 s. The color light sectors were similar to that which were before the war. In 1951 was constructed new tetrahedral lighthouse from reinforced concrete, which was 15 m height. The characteristic of light and fire sector remained invariable. In 1980 the lighthouse was connected to the nuclear battery.

From 1993 to 1995 the light was not worked. In 1995 the automated system which worked at solar and wind energy was installed, it worked at a lamp EMN-500. The characters of light were not changed. In 2007 the device of light circular sector of a LED lamp E 8274 was updated. Color light sectors were cleaned. On the cape Letipea is possible to see the lighthouse which was constructed in 1936 and destroyed in the last war and ruins of old station of protection.

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