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374 - Suurupi sihi alumine tuletorn

374 - Suurupi sihi alumine tuletorn
Region: Põhja-Eesti     Light ordinates: 59.471667 N, 24.41655 E
Light running: day     Light characteristics: Iso W 3s
Light height from ground: 15m     Light height from sea: 18m
Light visibility: 11M     Built, y: 1859

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The front beacon of the Suurupi leading lights is located on the N coast of Suurupi peninsula. The first 11m high pyramid shaped beacon was erected in 1859, which received a category IV dioptrical device a year later. The wooden construction needed repairs already in 1885 and the lighthouse was also built a storey higher. According to the renowned lighthouse engineer Armas Luige, plans were made to replace the existing tower with a reinforced concrete construction in 1940, but the decision was postponed due to World War II. Suurupi lighthouse survived the war without much damage, but as many were partly or completely destroyed, the priority of the following years was to repair and replace the ones severely damaged. In a way we are lucky, because Suurupi lighthouse is now the only preserved wooden lighthouse in Northern Europe dating from the middle of 19th century. Thorough conservation works were carried out in 1998. In addition to the lighthouse, a keeper’s house, a sauna and a cellar have survived. The whole ensemble is listed as an architectural monument.


Suurupi front lighthouse with the outbuildings ca 1930. Jaan Vali's collections. 


 Site plan of the Suurupi front lighthouse in 1939. Estonian State Archive.

 Suurupi lighthouse keepers' houses. Photo by Jaan Vali.

 Paraffin store at the Suurupi lighthouse ensemble. Photo by Jaan Vali. 


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