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375 - Suurupi tuletorn, sihi ülemine

375 - Suurupi tuletorn, sihi ülemine
Region: Põhja-Eesti     Light ordinates: 59.46355 N, 24.3803 E
Light running: day     Light characteristics: O W 15s
Light height from ground: 22m     Light height from sea: 66m
Light visibility: 15M     Built, y: 1792

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Suurupi lighthouse with the outbuildings 1930s. Raivo Laasma's collections. 

 Section of the Suurupi rear lighthouse, 1935. Estonian Maritime Museum’s collections. 

Suurupi lighthouse with the outbuildings ca 1930. Aivo Aia .s collections. 



Sauna at the Suurupi lighthouse ensemble. Photo by Jaan Vali. 


The rear beacon of the Suurupi leading lights is situated 1 km from the shore on a high limestone clint on the Suurupi peninsula. The distance between the leading lights is 2,245 km. The first lighthouse was erected on the site in 1760. The beacon was reconstructed and equipped with a catopric device in 1812. Many of the outbuildings were built during the 19th century and the lighthouse was repaired a number of times. The ensemble was severely damaged during World War II, but was reconstructed in 1951. A new lantern room and light device were installed in 1998. Suurupi rear lighthouse is among the oldest beacons in Estonia with many surviving outbuildings. The lighthouse ensemble listed as an architectural monument.


 Suurupi siren station with the machinist house and a paraffin store was built 1,5 km from the lighthouse on Ninamaa cape in 1898. During foggy weather the pneumatic siren blared for 8 seconds with 75 second breaks. The siren was replaced with a nautophone in 1968. All of the buildings have survived, but the future does not look bright as the waves are constantly deteriorating the narrow cape and eventually the buildings will fall in to the sea. 

View of the Suurupi siren station at Cape Ninamaa, 2007. Photo by Tõnu Sepp. 

 Suurupi siren station ca 1900. Estonian Maritime Museum's collections. 

Cellar at the Suurupi lighthouse ensemble. Photo by Jaan Vali. 

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