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932 - Anseküla tuletorn, sihi ülemine

932 - Anseküla tuletorn, sihi ülemine
Region: Saaremaa     Light ordinates: 58.098283 N, 22.231417 E
Light running: night     Light characteristics: Fl W 1.5s
Light height from ground: 31m     Light height from sea: 44.1m
Light visibility: 7M     Built, y: 1953

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The lighthouse is located on the island of Saaremaa, on Sõrve peninsula, to the North from Anseküla. The lighthouse of Anseküla is at distance of 3128 m from Est 931 Lõu lighthouse, the direction 103,1°  that is on the coast of the Baltic Sea between Sõrve peninsula to the west along the coast of a bay of Lõu. Concrete lighthouse in height 22 m was the quadrilateral truncated pyramid. Height over the sea 33 m, visibility of 10 miles and is characteristic 1,5 s; 0,5 + 1 = 1,5 s. In 1961 light was at the height of 35 m. In 1964 visibility was of 7 miles. In 1994 the lighthouse was on the height 35 m over the sea. There was an electric loading of EM-300 and BEPA-31. In 1996 the lighthouse was repaired and worked at solar and wind energy. In 2004 the lamp NL-300 of the Sabik company were installed. Then the new metal lighthouse was constructed. The light equipment was lifted on height of 44 m over the sea.

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