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943 - Kaavi tuletorn

943 - Kaavi tuletorn
Region: Saaremaa     Light ordinates: 57.9822 N, 22.195333 E
Light running: night     Light characteristics: Fl W 2.5s
Light height from ground: 15m     Light height from sea: 20m
Light visibility: 6M     Built, y: 1954

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The Kaavi lighthouse is located on Saaremaa island on the Sõrve peninsula on the southeast coast of the Gulf of Riga. In 1954 the concrete lighthouse in height 15 m was established. It was red from above and below and white in the middle. The light height was 20 m over the sea, visibility 9 miles, light characteristic: Fl W 2,5; 1,0 + 1,5 = 2,5 s. Since 1966 the lighthouse visibility was 6 miles. In 1994 the lighthouse was repaired. Today the lighthouse is low, because the forest, and on it must be modernizations.

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