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977 - Sääretuka tuletorn

977 - Sääretuka tuletorn
Region: Saaremaa     Light ordinates: 58.2607 N, 22.821 E
Light running: night     Light characteristics: Fl W 15s
Light height from ground: 15m     Light height from sea: 19m
Light visibility: 6M     Built, y: 1954

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The lighthouse is located on the Saaremaa island, Kuresaare peninsula and helps vessels to pass between islands. In 1954 the concrete lighthouse in height 15 m and 17 m over the sea was established, visibility 9 miles, the light characteristic: Fl W 1,5 s; 0,5 + 1 = 1,5 s. In 1966 the lighthouse visibility was 8 miles. In 1980 the radio isotope generator of energy worked at the lighthouse. Then the generator was removed, there was no the light on the lighthouse for one year. In 1995 the automated system which worked at solar and wind energy was installed, light characteristic: Fl (2) W 10 s; 0,5 + 1 + 0,5 + 8 = 10 s. The visibility of the lighthouse was 7 miles (TM 1995, 12/464). In 1999 the characteristic of the light was changed: Fl(3) W 15 s. The visibility was just 6 miles. Corporation Tideland Signal Ltd, lamp ML-300. 

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