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987 - Kübassaare tuletorn

987 - Kübassaare tuletorn
Region: Saaremaa     Light ordinates: 58.428383 N, 23.2999 E
Light running: night     Light characteristics: LFl W 9s
Light height from ground: 18m     Light height from sea: 20m
Light visibility: 11M     Built, y: 1916

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The lighthouse is located on east coast of the island of Saaremaa on the southernmost tip of the peninsula of Kübassaare, helps to be guided with the gulf to the North from the southern mouth of the passage. New wooden 26 m in height lighthouse was established on the peninsula of Kübassaare in time of the First World War in 1916. It was white from above and black from below. In 1921 on the lighthouse was lamp from the acetylene. In 1922 the characteristics of the light was: Fl W 3,3 s; 0,3 + 3 = 3,3 s. In 1923 because of a lightning the lighthouse burned down. In 1924 the new concrete lighthouse was established, it was 18 m in height and 2,5 m in diameter. The new lamp was installed, light visibility was 14 miles, characteristic: Fl W 2 s; 0,3 + 1,7 = 2. The height of light in 1928 and 1932 was 11 m and 17 m over the sea. In 1938 the height of light was 16 m and 22 m. The Kübassaare lighthouse was damaged in World War I by a gun-fire, but it was shortly restored. In 1964 visibility was 14 miles and the light characteristic was changed:  Iso W 6 s; 3 + 3 = 6 s. The lighthouse was equipped with radio equipment which worked to 1980. There was electric generators and batteries. In 1990 the lamp L-500 was worked. In 1995 the new equipment were installed, which was updated in 2001. From old buildings near the lighthouse only cellar and a shed remained. The other buildings was constructed after World War II.

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