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990 - Ruhnu tuletorn

990 - Ruhnu tuletorn
Region: Saaremaa     Light ordinates: 57.80135 N, 23.26015 E
Light running: night     Light characteristics: Fl W 4s
Light height from ground: 40m     Light height from sea: 65m
Light visibility: 11M     Built, y: 1877, 1860

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Drawings of buildings in Ruhnu in 1845. Estonian Maritime Museum ́s collections. 


The first mention of a beacon on the island of Ruhnu in the Gulf of Riga dates from 1676. The current prefabricated boilerplate lighthouse was purchased from a French company Forges et Chantiers de la Mediterranee in 1875. According to a legend, the author of the fascinating design of the Ruhnu light- house is Gustave Eiffel himself, although there is no actual proof. The boiler- plate cylinder tower is supported by four counterforts. The lantern and the sentry room were destroyed by German troops in 1918 and the lighthouse was reconstructed in 1937. Most of the outbuildings have survived to this day and the whole lighthouse ensemble is listed as an architectural monument. 


 Fragment of a 1688 map that depicts a lighthouse on Pärsi point in Ruhnu. Estonian Historical Archives.

Wooden Ruhnu lighthouse, built in 1860. Estonian Maritime Museum ́s collections.

 Ruhnu lighthouse in 1901. Jaan Vali ́s collections.

 Ruhnu lighthouse keeper ́s living quarters in 1931. Jaan Vali ́s collections. 

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