Estonian Lighthouses Literature

  • Guidelines for lighthouse inspectors and lightship captains of the Republic of Estonia
    K. Matukaitis, Tallinn 1924
  • Life in Vilsand lighthouse
    Victor Vernik, Sailor no. 2-3.
  • Estonian lighthouses. Facts and memories.
    Armas Luige, Tallinn 1974 
  • The history of the construction of the Kõpu lighthouse and the times of youth
    Leo Tiik, Nõukogude Hiiumaa no. 130-143, 1975
  • Estonian lighthouses. Facts and memories Armas Luige, Tallinn 1982 Suurupi lighthouses em>
    Armas Luige
  • Saare county lighthouses
    Peeter Kask, Kuressaare 1998
  • Estonian lighthouses
    Igor Aleksejev, Tallinn 2000
  • Vilsand bird king
    Bruno Pao, Artur Toom, Kuressaare 2001
  • Estonian lighthouses
    Igor Aleksejev, Tallinn 2003
  • The story of Estonian lighthouses< Kaido Haagen, Tallinn 2010 The world of Estonian lighthouses Peeter Peetsalu , Tallinn 2006
  • Estonian pilot book
    Veeteede Amet, Tallinn 2007
  • The story of Kõpu lighthouse
    Tiit Einberg, Tallinn 2007
  • In the wind of turbulent times Peeter Peetsalu, Tallinn 2008 My lighthouses em>
    Hedda Peet, Tallinn 2010
  • History of Estonian Lighthouses
    Jaan Vali, Tallinn 2011</ em