Hedda Peedi näitus “Kaks Päeva Kihnu majakavahina”

13. juuni – 16. september 2012. aasta

Naituse kutse 2012

Jewels of the air castle shine in the lighthouse

From August 27th, those interested in contemporary jewelery will be able to visit Tallinn Põhjatuletorni (in the immediate vicinity of KUMU, Valge tn. 3), where 6 authors will present their creations - Kadri Mälk, Piret Hirv, Villu Plink, Eve Margus-Villems, Tanel Veenre and Kristiina Laurits.

The exhibition at the North Lighthouse is part of the program of the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 and is the first appearance of hüiLoss in Tallinn. Previously, the same group has shown its creations in the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Germany and China. After Tallinn, airLoss will land in France and Italy.

Hundreds of jewels are exhibited in Tallinn's North Lighthouse, accompanied by a soundtrack created for this exhibition by Janek Murru. The exhibition will end on September 25 from 16-19 with the finale, which will take place as part of the Design Night, when the artists will also be on site at the lighthouse to open up the worlds behind the jewels.

Spanish art theorist Mónica Gaspar has said: "Many of the authors of airLoss prefer to create a little confusion leading jewels that float and play in space-time. The works conjure up some past time, but the materials are shocking enough to bring us to the present without hesitation. The value of the works lies in their great input power, which makes the viewer extremely alert."

A nearly 300-page book about the work of airLoss will be published simultaneously with the exhibition, which is published and internationally distributed by the important German art book publisher Arnoldsche Art Publishers.


The exhibition and the book are supported by SA Tallinn 2011, the Estonian Cultural Foundation and the Estonian Artists' Union.

öhuLoss in Tallinn North Lighthouse (next to KUMU, Valge tn. 3)
27. from August to September 25, 2011
Tuesday to Sunday from 12 to 6 p.m.

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