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Saaremaa Merenädal announced the photo contest “Long live the lighthouse!”

The purpose of the photo contest announced in Saaremaa Seaside is to draw attention to the lighthouse as a symbol of its era, a historically rich and at the same time strategically important object. In addition, this is an opportunity to give people the opportunity to get to know different regions of Saaremaa and discover our beautiful places.

In order to participate in the photo contest, you must photograph any Saare County lighthouse (fire tank, harbor light) from an angle that is as clear as possible and describes the spiritual life of the tower. You can also get a previously unpublished photo taken out of the drawer. You must send your contestant's name and contact information to saluris(ät) (You can also add a photo to the letter immediately). The passwords needed to upload the picture/pictures to the ftp server will be sent to the participant's e-mail. When uploading an image, a folder with its own name must be created in ftp.

All photos of the lighthouses are expected until 13. until August! Pictures are hung 5. in August numbered anonymously in chronological order of receipt on the Facebook page of Kuressaare Sea Days, where the audience can choose their favorite. The online campaign lasts from the 5th to the 13th. until August.

By sending photos, the user confirms that the photo he submits belongs to him or he has the rights to distribute it. The Sea Days team is not responsible for the copyright of the attached photos, and also reserves the right not to put inappropriate pictures in the gallery.

The copyrights of all photos submitted to the competition remain with the authors, but by participating in the competition, the organizer is granted the right to use the photos awarded in the competition to publicize the results of the competition in print publications and on the Internet for free.

Digital processing is allowed only for cropping, resizing, correcting the perspective and improving brightness/darkness and contrast to some extent. Photos must be submitted in JPG/JPEG format, file the size must not exceed 3MB. The maximum length of the longest side of images is 2000 pixels.

The jury of the photo contest includes professional photographers Tõnu Ling and Kaido Haagen, chief organizer of Kuressaare sea days Villu Veski >, artist Ain Vares, representative of the Waterways Authority Ego Riener, representative of the small ship construction cluster Anni Hartikainen and the Estonian Lighthouse Society board member Maret Pank.

The winners of the competition will be announced Kuresaare merepäevade homepage 20. in August. Both the audience and the jury choose their favorite at the photo contest. There will be cash prizes for the winners and lots of special prizes will also be given away.

Mereliis Metsamäe won the Sea Days photo contest

Kuressaare Sea Days photo contest “Long live the lighthouse!” Meriliis Metsamäe(photo in the picture) won, Valmar Voolaid took the second place and Remo Savisaar took the third place. The audience chose Jorma Härmsalu's photo as their favorite.

According to the photo contest organizer Maris Rebeli, the contest was announced in good faith that people are equipped with proper cameras and it is through the competition that it is possible to direct the attention of all of us to lighthouses as somewhat self-centered objects. "Now it is clear that the competition achieved its goal - well over 150 pictures were received within two weeks. Looking at the winning picture, everyone can make sure that the level of the competition was excellent, which was also confirmed by the professional jury members Kaido Haagen and Tõnu Ling," said Maris Rebel.

"As an organizer and an islander, I am happy that an islander won. Especially since, despite the anonymous evaluation, the first two prize-winning places even ended up in the same family, because Meriliis and Valmar are life partners," added Rebel.

The winner of the first place will receive 200 euros and a very good pair of binoculars from the Jahimees store. Second place goes to a large sailing ship model from Pro Marine Trade. The owner of the third place will also get a sailboat model, but a little smaller. Elektroonika bizri has given out a prize for the audience's favorite and it is a GPS device.

In addition to the above-mentioned prizes, Saarte Hääl and Karli Foto also gave out their own special prize. Valmar Voolaid also won the Saarte Hääle special award, a six-month subscription to the magazine, while Remo Savisaar won the Karli Foto special award. Karli Foto's special prize is a wall picture in A2 format of the work submitted to the competition, which was selected by the photo business.


1st place - Meriliis Metsamäe (picture no. 110)
II place - Valmar Voolaid (No. 15)
III place - Remo Savisaar (No. 128)

Public favorite - Jorma Härmsalu (no. 75)
Saarte Hääle special award - Valmar Voolaid (no. 15)
Karli Foto special award - Remo Savisaar (no. 126)

XV Sea Days of Kuressaare