The summer days of the NGO Estonian Lighthouse Society on August 20, 2016 on Keri island

You are invited to the summer day of the Estonian Fireworks Society on August 20, 2016, on the unique island of Keri.

See more about Keri here: Keri lighthouse

Summer's Day / Independence Day celebration schedule:

9:30 Gathering at the port of Leppneem

10 :00 The ship leaves the port

12:00 Arrival at Keri island and getting to know the lighthouse

14:00 Festive lunch break and a small general meeting.

Free schedule (we will do some necessary repairs and/or we just enjoy the air of the island)

19:00 – 20:00 Gathering for the return trip to the mainland

For registration, we ask you to pay a participation fee of 10€/person (children under 12 are free)

To the account of MTÜ Eesti Tuletorni Seltsi EE872200221039292312

Add ``Keri 2016'' as an explanation of the payment

The participation fee includes sea transport and catering.

Keri needs your help : Due to the fact that Keri is not connected to the permanent electricity grid, the island's so-called a battery park where locally produced electricity is stored. If you have an unused but working battery at home and you are ready to give it to Keri, please feel free to take it with you.

Keri also lacks wooden material (e.g. tables, plinths, floorboards, etc.). If you have some table material lying around unused, take it with you if possible. Keri will certainly find a use for it. We have enough space in the ship for the goods.

NB! The number of participants is limited (36 people). Therefore, the "first man" rule applies.

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the schedule.

P.S. If the weather is particularly stormy and landing on Keri is dangerous, the ride will be canceled and the participation fees will be charged. back.

See you Keril!

NGO Estonian Lighthouse Society summer days on August 8, 2015

Good companion!

Estonian Lighthouse Society is waiting for you members to the annual gathering. This year at Sõrve Visitor Center (right next to Sõrve lighthouse) 8. in August.

The same weekend is Kuressaare Sea Days and more than enough reasons to come to the island.

Daily schedule for the lighthouse society:

*August 8 (Saturday)*

12:00 Gathering at the Sõrve Visitor Center

p>13:00 Guided tour of the Sõrve Visitor Center (Andro Roosileht)

14:00 Light lunch for a reasonable price in a local cafe

15:00 Tour of the Sõrve lighthouse (Ego Riener)

16:30 ETS General Meeting

21:00 Lighting the beach bonfire and Sauna and/or Grill

*August 9*

05:30 Sun Salutation

08:00 Breakfast in a local cafe

10:00 Return home

*Accommodation*: on a mattress brought by you in Sõrve Visitor Center or brought by you in the yard of Sõrve Visitor Center in the tent. There are no separate rooms, we should comfortably fit in one house and it may happen that we even share one room.

*Meals*: This time we have the opportunity to choose the lunch and breakfast we like from the cafeteria of the visitor center and pay for it there. Dinner must be brought with you, the cafe may be closed.

*Costs* – this time separate fees for participants (€3) and participants with overnight stay (€15)

Everyone staying overnight The total fee for the territory of Sõrve Visitor Center is *€15* (including children up to 17 years old free of charge). The fee should be transferred no later than August 1
to the checking account of the Estonian Lighthouse Society EE872200221039292312. Enter the name or names in the explanation.

Everyone who takes part in the agenda in some way (except those staying overnight and of course children) must pay *€3*. The fee should be transferred no later than August 1
to the checking account of the Estonian Lighthouse Society EE872200221039292312. Enter the name or names in the description.

See you in Sõrve!

Estonian Lighthouse Society board

Suurupi Lighthouse Day (18.08.2013)

On Sunday, August 18, the NGO Suurupi Selts will once again celebrate the Lighthouse Day. This Lighthouse Day is dedicated to Raimond Valgre's 100th birthday.

Both lighthouses are open, the concert area at the LOWER LIGHTHOUSE is open from 3:00 p.m.

Raimond Valgre and Suurupi:

After graduation, sister Evi introduced Raimondi to the musician Artur Ranne. The violinist Ranne decided to create a minesweeper Suurup on top of the marine orchestra "Suurupi", where the players would be in sailor's uniform.

Ranne has recalled: «The orchestra did not have a pianist. It so happened that I met Evi, Raimond Valgre's sister. Then I also got to know Raimondi and invited him to the orchestra. We played fun sailor songs and other popular tunes. The audience liked our game. Once, on the way home, we entered the Lootus restaurant on the Tartu road. There was a lot of people. We were asked to play something. Raimond sat at the piano, I took the violin. We were successful, the owner of the restaurant said that after work on the ship we could play at his place.»

Daily schedule:

14:00- 17:00 Suurupi upper lighthouse open

15:00-17:00 Suurupi lower lighthouse open

17:00-17:45 FOR CHILDREN: Piip and Tuut in concert

p>18:00-20:00 CONCERT: Raimond Valgre 100

Suurupi Meretule women's choir. Mart Sander, Hanna-Liina Võsa and the Swing Swindlers orchestra.

The concert area next to the Suurupi lower lighthouse is open from 15:00. and in case of rain KEEBS and CASH for shopping. If possible, please come WITHOUT A CAR, as you can only park on the side of the road.

NB! FOR SALE A music record released in July 2013 for Raimond Valgre's 100th birthday, on which Mart Sander, Hanna-Liina Võsa and the Bel-Etage Swingorkester sing. strong> which aims to raise money for the painting of Suurup's lower wooden lighthouse. The lower Suurupi lighthouse is one of the 100 most valuable working historical lighthouses of The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), the entire complex is under national protection as a cultural monument. , who will come to Tuletorni Day to photograph all those who wish against the background of the Suurupi lower lighthouse. The shooting takes place from 15:00 to 17:30. The pictures will be sold in the I AM Photographer image shop. The picture costs 10 euros and the money earned from the sale of the picture will be directed to the fund for painting the Suurupi lower lighthouse.

In addition, there is a lucky draw at the information desk of the Suurupi Society "every game wins", the proceeds of which will also be added to the fund for painting the Suurupi lower lighthouse .

If you want to support the painting of the lighthouse, you can donate on the day of the Lighthouse by putting money in the donation box or by transferring money to the Suurupi Society's donation account 221041457459, Swedbank.

For the painting of the lighthouse, need to collect 15,000 Euros.

Summer days 2013

The summer days of the Estonian Fireworks Society will take place on August 3 and 4, 2013 on Mohn island!!!
11.00-13.00 Transport to Mohn Island and settling into accommodation
13.00 Visiting the lighthouse. Guided tour of the island
16.00 Small sandwich for physical fitness
17.00 Labor work
19.00 General assembly meeting
20.00 Dinner- barbecue
23.00 Free program

August 4 - Sunday

8.00- 9.00 Brushing teeth and morning exercise
10.00 Morning coffee + sandwiches
11.00 Mohni-Viinistu ferry line opens

As beds are limited (24 beds), the rule applies who in front it
sleeps in a bed.

Later registrants must bring their own mat and sleeping bag.
Accommodation on the floor of the technical building of the former lighthouse complex.

Camping enthusiasts also have the opportunity to engage in camping.

People who have paid the participation fee are considered registered.

Please transfer the participation fee to the current account of MTÜ Eesti Tuletorni Seltsi
221039292312 Swedbank. In the explanation of payment, add "Summer days 2013"

Participation fee 15 eur/ person
Children under 12 years 5 eur

Participation fee includes:

Water transport Viinistu-Mohni - Winery
Body support

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the schedule.

Calendar 2012 of Estonian lighthouses under heritage protection

Calendar 2012 by Museum of Coastal Folk has been published. This time the calendar brings to attention the lighthouses that are under heritage protection.

The ruins of the castles, manor complexes and historic churches - they can certainly be regarded as the value of each culture. What about the lighthouses? Are these old buildings the part of our national wealth? Wide world this fact has been realized already and lighthouse tourism even has become as one of the tourism industry branches.

Although Estonia has a long coastline, the coastal and marine culture lacks historical memory. For a long time the aim was to turn Estonia's land facing towards the sea, and part of this process is the valuation of old lighthouses - the buildings that are relevant carriers of a state and nations’ maritime identity. After all, the lighthouse is a monument of sailing history from the time when orienteering with the help of blinking lights on the horizon was the only way to find the right way in the darkness. These large buildings stood firmly on their post in extremely harsh conditions for long decades and centuries, defying the winds and storms, and no doubt, have saved countless lives. However, the ravages of time unmercifully do their work, crumbling the walls and destroying metal constructions.

Of course, there are much more lighthouses in Estonia than you can see in this particular calendar, and each of them is certainly an important part of our maritime history.  However, at present, sixteen lighthouses are taken under the special protection. Why these ones are highlighted among the others? There are several reasons. Kõpu lighthouse is a respectable by its age and it bears an important historical role in the Hanseatic trade.  Lighthouses commissioned from France in the last decades of 19th century (Ristna, Tahkuna Ruhnu) stand out by an innovative technical solution or material characteristics. Käsmu lighthouse, built on the basis of civic initiative has a great historical value and unique place in history of our maritime education. By itself, being in the list of cultural heritage sites does not offer any protection to the lighthouse, but it still gives hope that lighthouses have their place in our cultural heritage of tomorrow.

With this lighthouse calendar Museum of Coastal Folk strives to draw attention to these dignified old navigation marks. Photos in the calendar are taken by Kaido Haagen and on the basis of these photos the artist Anneliis Aunapuu put together quite an eye-catching composition. Perhaps the calendar with the grandiose views and the beautiful details in it will make a person notice and fall in love with the old and noble sea marks. After all, a calendar is a publication that catches the eye of the family throughout the year and with its help Museum of Coastal Folk hopes to strengthen a bit our historical marine identity. 

Source: Museum of Coastal Folk

PS. The calendar can be purchased from ELS CEO Ego Riener, address Lume str 9, Tallinn, phone: +372 50 43 885

Manilaid-Sorgu lighthouse journey - patience do bears fruit!

In spite of the poor and not at all promising weather on Saturday morning, by Sunday we had everything under control and everything was very promising. Unfortunately, there were only 5 of us in sailing boat to leave for Sorgu Island, but nevertheless the weather man blessed us with the warm summer weather, calm sea and mirror-smooth water.

On Sunday morning we managed to start our boat trip towards Sorgu at 9 am and by 1 pm happy enthusiasts of Sorgu were back to the mainland.

Here is also a small photomosaic for you of Saturday evening on Manilaid and Sunday at Sorgu.

Til the next lighthouses!

Maris and Priit.

Sorgu- Manilaiu trip

I would like to remind you that it is planned to go to Sorgu and Manilau in August. Date August 20-21.

Please give me the latest
by August 11
to know who is certain to come and if you also know where you want to stay in the house, please specify that as well.

You can also feel free to call, gsm 521 4114.

Overnight prices range from 17 to 35 EUR including breakfast and dinner. Hipiurg 12 EUR, sleep urg, hunting lodge, boat house 20 EUR per person. Eurourg 25 EUR per person. Our family and I have planned to stay in a sauna house that can accommodate a few more people. Dinner is included in the price.

Ticket to Manija 1.60 one way. The price of a boat to Sorgu is EUR 8.

At the moment, it even seems that we have two boats interested. Unfortunately, we also have to consider that in case of thunder and very strong wind, over 10 m/s, we will not be able to get to Sorgu. But then we hope for good weather and wind suitable for boating J and luckily we have two days during which we can visit Sorgul.

If anyone has any additional questions, feel free to let me know

8 to 10 July Kihnu Sea Party 2011

Mere pidu logo2011Kihnu tuletorn on külastajatele tasuta avatud 8. juulil. Lisainformatsioon:

July 16 in the frame of Tallinn Maritime Days Tallinn lower and upper lighthouses are opened

merepaevad logoVeeteede Amet koostöös Eesti Tuletorni Seltsiga avab merepäevade ajal 16. juulil Tallinna ülemise ja alumise tuletorni ajavahemikus 18.00 – 21.00.

Tallinna ülemine tuletorn asub Pae tn 16. Vt. asukohta: Tallinna sihi ülemine tuletorn

Tallinna alumine tuletorn asub Valge tn 3, KUMU kõrval. Vt. asukohta: Tallinna sihi alumine tuletorn

Vaata ka:

Children's Program in Museum of Estonian Architecture

On Saturday, 28 May at 12.00 and 14.00 and on Wednesday, 1 June at 14.00 and 16.00 in the Museum of Estonian Architecture in the frame of lighthouses exhibition children’s program will take place.

We will talk about the history of lighthouses and their function, introduce Estonian lighthouses and solve exciting assignments! Participation with the exhibition ticket. Additional information.

Suurupi Lighthouse day

On Saturday, June 4 at 12.00 near the Suurupi upper lighthouse Lighthouse day will be held. Welcome all those interested!
See the programme.