Juminda Lighthouse

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Juminda Lighthouse



Short Description

A red cylindrical concrete tower with a lantern room and two balconies on top.

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Open for Visitors



North Estonia


Juminda, 74716 Harju maakond



Light Mode

On in the Dark

Year of Construction


Light Characteristics

LFl W 15s

Light Visibility Distance

12 miles

Light Height From Ground

29.2 m

Light Height From Sea

36.7 m

The lighthouse is located on the northern coast, in the northern part of the Juminda peninsula jutting far into the Gulf of Finland, and helps ships to navigate.

The first acetylene lantern was installed on Juminda Cape at an 8 m height on the corner of the guard platform of the border guard cordon in 1931. The rapid plink light (150 plinks per minute) of the lantern, located 10 m above sea level, was visible 8 miles away, in a sector of 79° over E, S and W to 299°.

A new 24 m high and 2 meter diameter reinforced concrete standard lighthouse was built on the cape in 1937. The light of an acetylene lantern with a circular sector 32 m above sea level was visible 8 miles away.

The nature of the fire was: Fl W 1 s; 0.2 + 0.8 = 1 s .

After 1983, the character of the fire has not been changed. In the Juminda lighthouse at the beginning of the 1990s, the lighting device was ASA-50 (AСA-500) and a spare lamp EM-300 (ЭM-300).

As the lighthouse began to be overshadowed by the growing forest, it was built 8 m higher in a steel structure in 2006, a new balcony and lantern room were added. In 2007, a light-emitting diode lamp LED 350 7W was installed.

There was a lifeguard station on the beach near the Juminda lighthouse until the Second World War,