Norrby Lower Lighthouse

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Norrby Lower Lighthouse


Lighthouse, Lower

Short Description

A white concrete tower with a lantern room and a balcony

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Hiiu- ja Läänemaa


Norrby küla, Vormsi vald, Läänemaa


59.020033, 23.351117

Light Mode

On in the Dark

Year of Construction


Light Characteristics

Iso W 2s

Light Visibility Distance

12 miles

Light Height From Ground

21.6 m

Light Height From Sea

21.9 m

The lighthouses of Norrby target 192° 4' are located 950 m apart on the northeast coast of Vormsi island. The goal helps to get from the sea to the goal of Paslepa in order to pass through the throat of Voos.

The wooden yellow, four-sided, stem-pyramid-shaped lighthouses, the front side of which was painted white, were erected in 1916, when the waterways in the Voos gorge were deepened for the passage of warships. Target 200.2° led from the sea between Savinov and Telis nose shallows to the Rams target. The lower lighthouse of Sih was 14 m high, the upper one 29 m high. The lighthouses got lanterns in 1923. In 1925, the height of the lower (59° 02' N, 23° 20.1' E) light was 18 m above sea level, the visibility distance was 18 miles, the nature of the light: Iso W 4 s; 2 + 2 = 4 sts. The height of the upper light above sea level was 29 m, the visibility was 18 miles and the character of the light was Fl W 1 s; 0.3 + 0.7 = 1 s.

1935. 22 m high and 2 m diameter lower and 32 m high and 3 m diameter upper lighthouses were completed in 2010. The lower lighthouse was painted white, the upper one white from the bottom and red from the top. The lantern rooms got acetylene-powered automatic lighting devices.

The lower light was 21 m above sea level, the upper 35 m. Both had a visibility distance of 15 miles.

The nature of the lower light was: Fl W 1 s; 0.3 + 0.7 = 1 s.

The nature of the upper light was: Iso W 4 s; 2 + 2 = 4 sts. In 1979, the visibility of the lights was 12 miles.

1995. for 2015, the character of the lower target light was changed: Iso W 2 s. In the 1980s, the lighthouses were connected to the general electrical network and the EMS-210 (ЭМС–210) targeting beacon was installed. Today, the lighting equipment has been modernized.

Of the service buildings, a residence and a barn near the upper lighthouse have been preserved, which are currently in private ownership.