Loode Lighthouse

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Loode Lighthouse



Short Description

A four-sided concrete tower. Red above, white below

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Türju, 93251 Saare maakond


57.9727028, 21.9811251

Light Mode

On in the Dark

Year of Construction


Light Characteristics

Fl W 10s

Light Visibility Distance

6 miles

Light Height From Ground

15.7 m

Light Height From Sea

22.5 m

The lighthouse is located on the southwestern coast of the Sõrve peninsula in Saaremaa and helps to orient oneself at sea.

The 15-meter concrete lighthouse built according to the type project was completed in 1953. The four-sided stem-pyramid-shaped body was painted white from the bottom, red from above. Originally, the lighthouse had an acetylene-powered lantern with a circular sector that showed a red light.

The lantern was 19 m above sea level, the visibility was 6 miles and the nature of the fire: Fl R 2 s; 0.3 + 1.7 = 2 s.

1979. by 2015, the light's visibility had been reduced to 4 miles. Probably between now and

1993. until 2010, the lighthouse worked on the energy of a radioactive isotope generator. When the generator was removed, the sea mark remained lit for a few years.

1996. in 2010, repairs were made and new solar-wind powered automatic lighting devices were installed. The current nature of the light and the visibility distance have been in use since the same year.