Anseküla Lighthouse

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Anseküla Lighthouse


Lighthouse, Upper

Short Description

A four-sided concrete tower. Black on top, white on the bottom

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Anseküla, 93211 Saare maakond


58.0982754, 22.2288878

Light Mode

On in the Dark

Year of Construction


Light Characteristics

Fl W 1.5s

Light Visibility Distance

9 miles

Light Height From Ground

27.5 m

Light Height From Sea

42.3 m

The lighthouse is located in Anseküla, in the northern part of the Sõrve peninsula in Saaremaa. The ring-sector lantern marker helps to orientate around the Sõrve peninsula. Anseküla lighthouse, together with Lõu lighthouse 3128 m away, forms the Est 931 bearing 103.1°, which facilitates the entry from the Baltic Sea between the shallows into Lõu Bay on the west coast of the Sõrve peninsula. Before the Second World War, the upper marker of the position was the tower of Anseküla church. The church was destroyed

During the Second World War. In 1953, the church tower was replaced by a 22-metre lighthouse of reinforced concrete, built to a standard design, the lower part of which was white and the upper part black. The acetylene lantern, 33 m above sea level, with a ring sector, had a visibility range of 10 miles and a Fl W character of 1.5 s; 0.5 + 1 = 1.5 s.

In 1961, the height of the light was 35 m above sea level.

In 1964, the visibility of the light was 7 miles. In 1994, the lighthouse was equipped with the EM-300 (ЭM-300), an electrically powered apparatus with a BEPA-312 (БЭПА-312) plinker, at 35 m above sea level.

In 1996, the lighthouse was renovated and fitted with EKTA solar-wind powered lighting equipment.

The lighthouse was equipped with an EKTA solar-wind powered lighting system.

In 2004, part of the equipment was replaced and a new Sabik NL-300 lantern was installed, together with an EKTA lamp changer. A backup system was also installed.

In 2006, the Anseküla lighthouse was raised with a terraced structure, as the surrounding forest obscured the visibility of the lighthouse.

In 2007, the tower's elevation was dismantled and re-installed on Allirahu (Sandla). This was due to the low load-bearing capacity of the lighthouse ceiling. The lighthouse was then fitted with a new metal, sheet-clad elevation, which rested on the outer walls.