Mehikoorma Lighthouse

Nav. Sign Number


Nav. Sign Name

Mehikoorma Lighthouse



Short Description

White tower with lantern room and balcony

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Open for Visitors





Järve 2, Mehikoorma, 62511 Põlva maakond


58.2333058, 27.4731026

Light Mode

On in the Dark

Year of Construction


Light Characteristics

Fl W 4s

Light Visibility Distance

10 miles

Light Height From Ground

13 m

Light Height From Sea

14.3 m

The lighthouse of Mehikoorma is located on the western shore of Lake Lämmijärvi, in the southern part of Lake Peipsi, and it helps to navigate through the narrower part of the fairway.

The need for a sectional lighthouse delimiting the shore areas in Mehikoorma is mentioned as early as 1906. From the time of the First World War, there are scarce records of sighting beacons in Mehikoorma pointing northwards towards Piirissaari and southwards towards Salusaari. To cross the Mehikoorma narrows, it was 0.7 km south of the Meeksi stream to the coast

In 1926, two targets with 194° white plinthed tanks were established, and two targets with 336° white plinthed tanks were established to bypass the Pnevo Shoal on the Russian side of Mehikoorma to the coast.

By 1929, a tank with a flashing sector light had been set up at Mehikoora.

The wooden lighthouse was replaced by a reinforced concrete lighthouse in 1938. The lighthouse, 15 m high and 3 m in diameter, was powered by acetylene.

According to the navigational chart of 1943, the central sector of the lantern was red, and the edges delimiting the fairway were white.

On navigation charts from 1943, Haniva (Pnevo) Shoal, southeast of the Mehikoorma lighthouse, is marked by a light marker (now W light markers Est P31 and Est P32).