Paralepa Upper Lighthouse

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Paralepa Upper Lighthouse


Lighthouse, Upper

Short Description

A black and white striped concrete tower with a balcony and a black lantern room

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Open for Visitors



Hiiu- ja Läänemaa


Kiltsi, 90430 Lääne maakond


58.9308462, 23.3785561

Light Mode

On in the Dark

Year of Construction


Light Characteristics

Iso W 4s

Light Visibility Distance

6 miles

Light Height From Ground

34.2 m

Light Height From Sea

35.4 m

The lighthouses of the Paralepa are located on the southern coast of Haapsalu Bay, 802 m apart. The sight target 152.7° helps ships to pass through the Voosi gorge with a deepened waterway from the Uppholm–Hobulaiu to the Hobulaiu–Rukkirahu.

The target lighthouses were built in 1916, when a 40 m wide and 5 m deep shipping lane was dredged in the Voos gorge between Vorms island and the Noaroots peninsula for the passage of warships.

Temporary lighthouses in the shape of a wooden trunk pyramid, covered with planks, were white in color and had a yellow front. In 1923, they were re-equipped with lanterns. The lower lighthouse (58° 56.1' N, 23° 29.1' E) was 17 m high, the height of the light was 17 m above sea level, the visibility distance was 8 miles. The upper one was 512 m away from the lower one, bore 152.5°, was 27 m high, light height 27 m above sea level, visibility 8 miles. The lanterns had a white steady light.

The new upper 34-meter reinforced concrete standard lighthouse was built in 1932 and painted black. The lower 16-meter reinforced concrete lighthouse, located 800 m away, was built in 1934 and painted white. The lighthouses were equipped with automatic devices running on acetylene energy. The height of the light of the lower lighthouse above sea level was 15 m, the visibility distance was 9 miles, the nature of the light: Q W 1 s; 0.4 + 0.6 = 1s. The height of the upper light above sea level was 34 m, the visibility of the light was 9 miles, the nature of the light: Oc W 4 s; 2 + 2 = 4 sts. By 1950, the upper lighthouse was designed with black and white horizontal stripes on top.

1980. In the years the lighthouses were connected to the general electrical network and equipped with lighting devices EMS-210 (ЭМС–210). Today, target light devices have been modernized.

At the upper lighthouse, the former lighthouse keeper's residence, barn and sauna have been preserved, which are now privately owned.