Kübassaare Lighthouse

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Kübassaare Lighthouse



Short Description

A concrete tower with a lantern room and a balcony. Black on top, white on the bottom

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Kübassaare, 94534 Saare maakond


58.4293736, 23.2959804

Light Mode

On in the Dark

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Light Characteristics

LFl W 9s

Light Visibility Distance

11 miles

Light Height From Ground

17.9 m

Light Height From Sea

20.4 m

The lighthouse is located on the eastern coast of Saaremaa at the southern tip of the Kübassaare peninsula, helps to orientate in the northern part of the Gulf of Livonia and the southern mouth of the Great Strait.

The 26 m high wooden lighthouse was built on the Kübassaare peninsula near the former cordon buildings during the First World War, probably in 1916. It is possible that the new building was initially an observation tower with a military-strategic purpose in the Väinamere defense system. The lower part of the lighthouse was white, the upper part was black.

1921. in the lighthouse had an acetylene lantern. In 1922, the nature of the fire was Fl W 3.3 s; 0.3 + 3 = 3.3 s. In 1923, the wooden building burned down as a result of a lightning strike.

1924. a new 18 m high and 2.5 m diameter reinforced concrete Kübassaare lighthouse was built in

An automatic acetylene lantern was installed in the metal lantern room of the lighthouse, with a light visibility of 14 miles and character: Fl W 2 s; 0.3 + 1.7 = 2. The fire's light sector was the same as today's. Inexplicably, the 1928 and 1932 descriptions indicate the height of the lighthouse fire as 11 m above the ground and 17 m above sea level. The author was unable to find information about building the lighthouse higher

1938. for the year when the respective heights were already 16 m and 22 m.

Kybassaare lighthouse was damaged by artillery fire in the Second World War, but was soon restored to its former form. By 1964 the light had a visibility of 14 miles and the light's character had been changed: IsoW 6 s; 3 + 3 = 6 sts. The complex was equipped with a radio beacon that worked until the 1980s. By that time, the lighthouse had been powered by electric generators and batteries.

1970. years, the lighthouse was connected to the island's unified electricity grid.

1990. at the beginning of the 1990s, the L-500 (Л-500) lighting device worked in the lantern room. In 1995, more modern equipment was installed in the lantern room, which was updated in 2001.

In 1995, the lighthouse received the character and visibility of the light still used today. Only the cellar and the barn have been preserved from the previous buildings near the lighthouse. Most of the service buildings (residential building, generator building, battery building, 3 warehouses, sauna, transformer building and well) were built after the Second World War.